Nouvelle version :

Voici ma contribution à la PAJ 2.0.

En plus d'être ma toute première game jam, Basic Geometry est également mon tout premier jeu vidéo.

Je remercie les personnes qui m'ont accompagné durant ces 60h de "à vue de nez" sur Construct2. Votre soutien et vos retours m'ont été très précieux.

Je remercie également At0mium, sans qui je n'aurais jamais eu l'idée de me lancer un tel défi qui m'aurait semblé infaisable il y a quelques temps.

Je me suis beaucoup amusé, j'ai beaucoup appris et je n'ai pas vu le temps passer.

Bon jeu à vous ;)


Déplacements / Move: Z,Q,S,D
Se transformer en boule : Gauche / Morph into Ball : Left
Se transformer en triangle : Haut / Morph  into Triangle : Up
Se transformer en carré : Droite / Morph into Square :

Recommencer le niveau / Restart Level : Entrée

La Boule : Légère et rapide. Elle saute loin. Si elle se fait toucher par une Croix, vous recommencez le niveau.

Le Carré : Lourd et lent. Il peut sauter et casser des murs de terre. Sil se fait toucher par une croix, il se transforme en triangle.

Le Triangle : Vitesse moyenne. Il vole. S'il se fait toucher par une croix, il se transforme en boule.




Triangle Fly :
Engine motor heavy loop 08

Ball Roll:
Sci-Fi Drone- Jason Dagenet

Ball Jump:
Success Pickup Collect Chime 01 - Gameburp Sound Effects Free SFX

Crumbling Walls:
Rockslide Small -

Square Steps :
sound97 - PACDV

Square Jump:
sound 115 - PACDV

Métamorphose / Metamorphosis:
Success Beeps Multi Echo Short 02 - Gameburp Sound Effects Free SFX

Niveau Réussi / Level Succeed :
Magic Wand - PACDV


Music :
SpringWinds - PACDV

Background image:
Glacial Mountain Parallax Background - Vicente Nitti

Brick Walls and Ground :
dg_features32 - AngbandTK

Police: Mad Pixels - Winty 5

All others: Frigo Flamboyant


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A. Leaks too much memory.

B. level 3: final spike-wheel collision too large compared to visual object.

C. please add WASD/qwerty support.

(2 edits)

A. It's my first game so I'm not sure what it means :p Is it about optimization? I know that I put way too much wall objects so I'll have to clean this for the next version. Maybe I could've made it all smaller given the quality of my graphics but I know so little about graphics for the moment and I'll dig into it further for my next game

B: I think it covers all the screen's height. But in the next version I'll try putting the clouds in the background and adding parallax (or at least reduce their opacity if I can't make it work :p) 

C: will do ;) 

Thanks for your remarks. Very helpful :) 

A. after every switch the game started lagging a little more and after a while attempting to switch to triangle caused the browser to soft-lock, indicating to me that switching is performed by loading a new iteration of the requested form every time without unloading the active form.

B. I think you misunderstand, the problem is that a hit is detected before the player character is close enough to one of the spikes for it to actually count as a hit. (as the spike wheels other than the last allow one to remain outside their radius, I don't know if this problem exists with the other spike wheels, and they may be too small to properly test this)

C. Thanks

A: I had a lot of trouble with the triangle spawning. I think that I found an extra spawning line since so it should be solved by now for the next version. I'll also have to find a way to forbid spawning into a form that is already active. I think I'll have to add a global variable of some kind 

B: it's true that I didn't check the hitbox of the biggest one. It's the same as the smaller ones but they're too small to notice. Maybe I should try make separate hitboxes for each spikes because I have an 8 collision points limit. I'll look into it. Thanks, I totally forgot to think about this for the next version :) 

Un concept sympa, j'adhère... un petit moment sympa...

Merci :)

Et merci d'être passé ^^